August 11, 2019 Children

His mother abandoned him.

He lives with his father, who is a goat herder. No one in a village makes less than a goat herder.

The father also has “a slight mental illness.”  What this is will never be known because in rural areas, there are no psychologists or experts to evaluate and help with mental illness.

Nelson is 6 years old.  He is currently in “Top” class – the last year of Nursery school.

Since his father has difficulties and is gone for long periods of time during the day, Nelson spends most of his time, when not at school,  with elderly grandparents.

There is not much food.  There is not much of a home.  There is not much joy.

But Watoto has taken him in for free for as long as possible.

His teacher says he is very shy and a slow learner.

With a sponsor, he would have 7 more years of primary education.  Who knows what will happen if someone helps him.

He would get supper at school every evening and breakfast every morning  (along with the big meal, for all children, at lunch.). He would Board and be stimulated by the large group of students who live at school, study every night, play soccer, laugh –  and learn.

He would have a least have a chance.

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