January 18, 2019 Children

It’s a big name for a tiny girl, but she has big challenges to surmount.

Her family situation is difficult.  Her 62-year-old father drinks heavily, though he works a little herding cattle and picking tea leaves – some of the lowest paying jobs in the community.

Her 27-year-old mother is illiterate, jobless and has fallen into despair.

Mangadalena’s teacher describes her as jolly and very active in class with lots of friends.

While not yet a good student, if she can stay in school, we may help instill

a love in learning in her – and perhaps help her discover her academic abilities.

It is way too early to know, but she doesn’t have a chance without a sponsor.

She is 4 years old and began “Top,” the last year of nursery school in 2019.  Next year, 1st grade!!

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