January 18, 2019 Children

Gift is well named.   He ranks in the top three of his class each term.  Usually first.

He works to make sure he is one of the highest ranked because he fears what is coming.

His father wanted him to grow up as a farm boy with no education.  His uncle stepped in to pay for Watoto but has his own children now reaching school age, and he will not be able to continue to help Gift.

Every day Gift goes home to work on the family’s small tea farm. He should be able to study after class instead of picking tea.

He is a bright, motivated and emotionally committed to his education,

Gift knows that if he does not get a sponsor soon, he will not be able to go to high school, and he will spend the rest of his life picking tea.

He will finish 6th grade in December and start the last year of primary education in February 2020.  We will make sure he stays in school through 2020.  Without help, that will be the end of his education.

Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss secondary costs for Gift.

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