August 11, 2019 Children

This little one is only four years old and in the second year (of 3 years) of nursery school (“Middle”).

His mother is alive, but his father’s situation is uncertain. Two years ago, he went to Congo looking for work. No one has heard from him since. There is no way to know what happened to him.

Favour has four sisters and one brother. His mother lives in a combination of frustration and despair about her missing husband who was the sole source of income. Now they are hopeless and often unable to get enough to eat.

Favour’s teacher says he is off to a good start at school. He is engaged in his classes, responsive and works hard. He is tougher – now after almost a year at school – and healthier than he looks!

A sponsorship often brings hope not only to the child, but to the whole family. This family needs even a little bit of hope.

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